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According to tradition, when the mother of baby Asclepius (Father of Medicine) died, Apollo carried the baby to Centaur Chiron to Mount Pelion. Centaur Hiron raised Asclepius and conveyed to him all his knowledge about therapies. Zeus placed the figure of Asclepius holding the therapeutic snake among the stars, right next to the figure of his teacher Centaur Chiron.
The above mythological information justifies why we have selected Mount Pelion as our UroSchool location. Portaria is the most easily accessible village in Pelion. The experience of all previous years has shown that getting isolated at such a particularly blessed natural landscape -the favorite resort of the gods of Olympus- is ideal to meet the UroSchool objectives. Once again this year, UroSchool will be hosted at the Portaria Hotel. Our aim is to have a plain but respectable scientific event, avoiding any exaggeration or anything incompatible to the learning process.


Valeni Boutique Hotel is a beautiful, fully equipped Art Boutique Hotel at Portaria,...


Portaria Hotel has a variety of rooms to cater for every need of our guests.The hotel offers a total of 80 rooms, of which 7 suites and 4 family apartments...